How We Work

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From This Day Forward is a ministry specifically designed for those planning a special event, but may find themselves in a life situation that prevents them from financially being able to afford it. We have often been asked “How do I know if I qualify?” We are happy to assist individuals who are in unique situations such as: job loss, deployment, health issues, low income, multiple events within a short time frame (specifically for families that are planning multiple events in the same year), family emergencies, etc. We know everyone’s story is different. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help!

To Buy or To Borrow?

Often time couples are swept up in excitement and want to immediately start purchasing items for their special day.  DIY is wonderful for those that have the time and resources to make all the details.  More often then not, brides become overwhelmed as the date approaches and now have bags of centerpiece material that needs put together.  Every trip to the dollar store or Hobby Lobby adds up quickly.  Allow us to provide the décor for around 150 guests as well as set up and tear down for your special event.  Visit our shop and pick and arrange “first hand” the items you want for your big day.  Overwhelmed by the to-do list? Let us guide you through the planning process as we work to make your event as smooth and stress-free as possible.  Big Day jitters? We are happy to help coordinate your ceremony and keep everyone on track so that your focus stays on your nuptials.  In need of a dress? Shoes? Something for your flower girl to wear? Purchase from a selection of gowns without having to worry about sticker shock.  Make your needs known and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do I use your services?

Should you desire our services the first step is to fill out our online application. Please note that references our required in efforts to deter those who wish to take too much advantage of our ministry. Once your application is accepted, one of our Event Coordinators will contact you to schedule an initial consultation via phone or in person.

Have all your own décor but looking for specific items?  No, problem.  Borrow the things you need to complete your look by making a donation to our ministry.

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