FTDF In the Media

We are so grateful for all of the opportunities to share our story!

Dressed in Love Vintage Fashion Show FW Women’s Expo 2022

Click here to see our beautiful gowns from 1920-2019 as they were beautifully worn by young ladies who support us at our Dressed in Love Vintage Fashion show during the FW Women’s Expo 2022. Featuring stunning hair and make-up by I Do Onsite Hair & Make Up Team.

Bless A Bride/Being Scholarship fund- ABC 21

Click here to learn about our Bless A Bride/Being scholarship program and how we are working to make monumental moments a reality for those within our community.

Insight-Virtual Santa Project

Click here to learn more about our Virtual Santa project and our Women With A Purpose Fundraiser

Fort Wayne’s NBC Feature

Check out our story featured on Fort Wayne’s NBC Focused on the Fort! Click here.

Grad Photos in the Garden story by WANE-TV

Wane 15 Interview on Prom Sale

Watch a short feature about our prom sale here!

Insight: Great Gown Makeover

Click HERE to see our interview about the Great Gown Makeover!

Linda Likes It: Channel 21

Click HERE to see our interview with Linda Jackson!