Financial Contributions

Any gift big or small, is greatly appreciated. Want your gift to go to a specific program? Feel free to designate your gift to the area of your choice!

Bless A Bride Scholarship Program:

Marriage of man and woman is an incredible feat and deserves to be celebrated. However, there is never a perfect time for a wedding.  Between job loss, medical bills, deployment, debt, and a host of other reasons, we often have clients that are struggling to be able to afford their special celebration.  It is our mission to help educate and find affordable resources to alleviate some of this burden, thus allowing the couple to focus more on their new marriage and building a stable family.  The Bless A Bride/Being Program gives donors the opportunity to make dreams come true. These funds are awarded to couples at our discretion based upon their application for our services. 

Ready and Abled Program:

This program is designed to provide internship/employment opportunities for individuals with a developmental disability.  With the assistance of an experienced job coach on site, individuals can gain valuable work skills and experience, as well as provide them with a reputable reference as they build their resume. Designed to encourage independence, the Ready and Abled program also offers support and training when needed. This program strives to promote inclusiveness in the workforce as well as establishing pride and purpose in being a valued member of society.  

Garden Project

Click HERE to donate to our Raise the Rood Campaign!

Providing the community with an affordable option to host small outdoor ceremonies and events, our garden area is a wonderful space for those needing a quiet space to decompress.  This area is also perfect for family movie nights and a safe location for after school hangouts. By partnering with other local organizations, the garden area can be a fantastic resource to the community by hosting events such as: gardening, healthy living, exercising, family safety, and mental health seminars.

General Expenses

As we all know, running any type of a business will include a list of expenses.  Between office supplies, building expenses/maintenance, and equipment the to-list is never ending. While we strive to keep our expenses as minimal as possible, proper staffing and equipment is essential to ensuring our clients continue to receive overall excellent care for generations to come. 

Clothing Donations

We accept any kind of new or gently used formal wear, shoes, jewelry, accessories, decor and more. Donations can be placed in our donation box or dropped off any time during regular hours. Please let us know if you would like a tax receipt!

Do you frequent garage sales? Want to be an ambassador for our boutique? Feel free to print off our donation information card to have in hand should you come across anyone interested in donating!