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From This Day Forward is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is currently 100% volunteer driven. Founded in June of 2016, we strive to assist individuals planning a special event on limited means by building strong relationships and educating clients along the way.

Our ministry was born out of the notion that marriage in today’s society is being viewed as a way of the past.  It seems that the significance of pledging oneself to one person in the presence of God has become lost in our young couples.  Sadly, we have found that finances tends to play a large factor.  Couples feel they simply don’t have the funds for a big celebration and therefore put off “making it official”.   We can certainly relate. Between student loans, rent, groceries and medical bills there certainly isn’t much to spare. Why should we have to put ourselves even further in debt before we can get married?

We’ve always loved decorating and planning large events.  Our family has always been one to “collect” decorations as you never know when you might use it! In the spring of 2015 we heard of a German foreign exchange student who was coming back for a visit, and wanted to experience a traditional American Wedding.  We quickly offered our collection of décor and discovered the family was overwhelmed with the planning. Within only a matter of weeks, while on a budget of zero, we gave a bride and groom a traditional American wedding.  The genuine gratitude we received from that young couple made us realize that there are countless other brides and grooms that are facing the same financial predicaments. The fact that we could share God’s love through our addiction to decorations sparked an idea…It was here the notion of a “wedding ministry” was hatched.

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